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Grease Trap Pumping Services in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there are a lot of options when it comes to grease trap pumping companies. However, there is one company that goes above and beyond in providing the best grease trap services in the city. Philadelphia Grease Trap Pumping has been serving the restaurant owners in Philly for more than a decade, giving us a deep understanding of the specific needs in the city. Known as the birthplace of the United States and home to the iconic Liberty Bell and Rocky Statue, Philly also has a lot to offer in terms of food. There is no arguing that the food scene in Philly is continually evolving, and the food industry continues to take the city by storm.

This growth in the food industry has left authorities always looking for ways to ensure that dangerous grease doesn’t get to the city sewer system. This is an essential job because oil is one of the common culprits leading to overflows, clogging, and other problems. One of the steps taken by the local authorities is to require more significant and better pipes to be installed in restaurants. However, this is not enough to prevent your waste from overflowing.

The only way to ensure that your business is not releasing any harmful waste into the environment is to contact a licensed grease removal company. Regular pumping will ensure that your grease trap continues to function correctly and will prevent the need for emergency pumping services, which are costly. Our company has a fleet of pump trucks that can remove all your grease waste quickly and effectively. Philadelphia Grease Trap Services is the leading provider of grease trap cleaning and pumping in the city and nearby counties.

Why you need grease trap pumping

Grease trap pumping is one of the most critical maintenance jobs for all restaurant owners. Keeping a good schedule of pumping and cleaning will save you from hefty fines and the prospect of closure. Diligence in this matter also keeps you and your employees safe from harmful pathogens and the risk of fire. If you are a new restaurant owner, there are two things you should know:

First, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the guidelines that govern grease trap cleaning in your local area. These instructions are in place for all restaurant owners to follow without exemption. Things such as the frequency of pumping and the type of grease trap you need, are discussed in the City Code. Knowing what is expected of you is the safest way to keep your business in compliance, and safe from penalties.

The second thing you should know is the ideal frequency of pumping schedule for your restaurant. There are several factors that can influence the rate of pumping, for example, the size of your grease trap or interceptor, the amount of greasy food you serve, and the number of customers you have daily.

The cost of grease trap pumping

In an attempt to save on grease trap pumping, many restaurant owners decide to clean their grease traps on their own. This DIY approach often leads to more costs in the long run because they lack the equipment to do the job correctly. At Philadelphia Grease Trap Services, we offer reasonable prices that cater to the unique needs of your business. To provide you with an accurate estimate, we conduct an initial inspection where we take note of the following:

  • how much grease you use for your cooking
  • the type of cleaning methods you apply in your kitchen
  • the location of your grease trap
  • the number of customers you serve regularly
  • the amount of oil that needs pumping

Once our team has collected this information, we can offer a reasonable estimate on the grease trap pumping for your business. One of the significant factors that can influence the price of pumping is the location of your grease trap.

Because we always want to give you the best value for your money, we only provide a fixed price once we have inspected your commercial kitchen and taken into consideration the factors mentioned above.

The importance of grease trap pumping

Grease trap pumping is one of the tasks every restaurant owner should be up-to-date with for a good reason. First of all, it saves your restaurant from having to pay hefty fines for non-compliance that can reach hundreds of dollars. Another reason why grease trap pumping is essential, is that it is one way of showing concern to the environment and doing your part in preventing sewer problems.

If your business is found guilty of releasing grease into the sewer systems, not only will you face fines, but your name will become infamous in your neighborhood. This is because overflows do not only affect you, but can also cause wastewater to fill up basements, flood streets, and wreak havoc on the local area. Such severe consequences should be enough to inspire you to stick to a consistent schedule of pumping and cleaning.

On the other hand, keeping a regular schedule of grease trap cleaning has many benefits. Grease traps that are regularly emptied are likely to last longer, which will save you on unnecessary repairs. Also, you and your employees will be kept safe from fires and other health hazards.

Give us a call at 215-391-1928 and let us schedule an on-site visit immediately.

Our grease trap pumping and cleaning is the best in Philadelphia

Since our company has been serving the restaurants in Philly for many years, we are thoroughly familiar with the types of grease traps around. To keep up with the evolving technology, we have invested in a fleet of high powered pump trucks. Along with our high-tech equipment, our crew is made up of only licensed professionals.

We believe that Philadelphia Grease Trap Services is the most reliable, honest, and quality grease trap service company in the area. Give us a call, and we’ll take care of all your greasy troubles!



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