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Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Philadelphia

Keeping the city sewer system flowing correctly is a top priority of Philadelphia city officials, and for good reason. Grease is one of the significant causes of sewer back-ups, blockages, and overflows. Any restaurant found guilty of causing such a blockage is fined heavily and may suffer long-term consequences such as closure. For this reason, restaurant owners need to be diligent when it comes to keeping up-to-speed with their grease trap maintenance cleaning. One of the biggest mistakes often made is trying a DIY approach instead of calling a professional company to do the job. This mistake does not go over well with the authorities who only recognize the work of a licensed, certified company. Although the guidelines regarding grease trap maintenance and grease disposal may seem rigid, we are about to learn why they are necessary.

Before we understand the importance of grease trap cleaning, let us take a closer look at some of the factors that influence the frequency of pumping and cleaning. One of the first factors considered is the amount of greasy food served in your restaurant and the number of customers you have daily. The more greasy food you serve, and the more customers you have, the more frequent you will need pumping.

The second consideration is the type of oil you use for cooking. Some oils have high FOG (fat, oil, grease) waste, while others have less. So the kind of oil you use will determine how fast your grease trap fills up.

When you work with Philadelphia Grease Trap Services, all these critical factors are considered before deciding on a cleaning schedule. We understand that all kitchens are different, so to offer you the best price, our team conducts an initial inspection of your business and determines the scope of the pumping. This way, you are guaranteed high quality service at the most affordable price.

The importance of grease trap cleaning

Grease trap cleaning goes beyond wanting to be in compliance with the city Health Code. Failure to clean your grease trap properly can cause massive damage. One of the most common causes of sewer overflows and clogging is because of grease. When this occurs, wastewater backs-up overflowing from maintenance holes will flood streets, homes, and basements. What a disaster! This is why grease trap cleaning and maintenance is essential. By using the latest technology, high-end grease trap services can pump out harmful grease before it reaches the sewer and causes any expensive problems. Philadelphia Grease Trap Service is one of the top companies in our area that possess the skill and technology to successfully pump and clean all types of grease trap systems. 

There are many benefits you will gain by following a strict schedule of grease trap pumping:

  • You will save you and your business from potential fines and possible closure. The penalties that are related to blockage can reach thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of the offense. By maintaining your grease traps in good order, you save yourself from such fines.
  • You can focus on your business with a clear mind. By hiring a professional company like ours to deal with grease trap pumping, you put your business in safe hands. You are guaranteed that all the grease waste will be disposed of in the best, eco-friendly manner. Knowing you are doing your part to protect the environment can give you a sense of inner peace.
  • You can be sure that your employees and customers are safe. Failure to maintain a strict maintenance schedule puts your kitchen at a higher risk of fires. Also, with high levels of FOG in your kitchen, your staff and customers are exposed to harmful pathogens.

Philadelphia Grease Trap Services has unprecedented experience in the industry of grease trap cleaning and pumping. Our years of expertise have given us the chance to study all the latest grease trap models, so there is nothing that will surprise our team. Since we only hire residents of Philadelphia, you are guaranteed that the crew we work with has the city’s best interest at heart.

We take our responsibility of grease disposal seriously, and our team always follows the guidelines set out by the city officials. Once you give us a call and start working with us, your grease traps will continue to work for years to come. Because we have your best interests at heart, our team discourages recycling brown grease, which usually comes with taxes. However, if this is what you desire, our team can help you determine whether the oil is recyclable or not. Our team maintains close communication with the local authorities, so we always know when a technique is approved or not.

Why choose Philadelphia grease trap services

Philadelphia Grease Trap Services has all the equipment you need for grease trap services. Along with the well-trained crew, our company has invested in a fleet of pump trucks that can handle any grease trap. We also believe in establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with our clients and offer discounts and special prices for their patronage. You always come first, and we do all we can to work around your schedule.

The local authorities in Philadelphia know our company to be one of the most reliable companies in the city. This reputation we have earned is something we care deeply about, and we will never take shortcuts that may tarnish our name.

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