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Philly is world-famous for its delicious cheesesteaks, hoagies, Tastykakes and soft pretzels. There is no arguing that the “City of Brotherly Love” has a love of food flowing deep in its veins. With tourists flocking to see the famous Rocky statute or the Liberty Bell, the restaurants in the area have a lot of mouths to feed. This growth in the food industry has created unique opportunities for restaurants in the city. Along with this growth is an increased need for grease trap pumping companies to keep up with the volume of grease used by food establishments. Philadelphia Grease Interceptor Pumping has been serving the restaurants in this city for more than a decade, earning us a special place in the lives of restaurant owners.

Grease trap technology has come very far from its modest beginnings. Without these improvements, grease traps wouldn’t be able to keep up with the immense volume of grease produced by restaurants. Our city would soon become a cesspool of foul greasy waste, and nobody would be interested in visiting. Grease trap technology prevents oil from making its way to the sewer system and causing overflows and blockages. Also, grease traps help keep fires at bay and ensure your employees are in a safe environment. For grease traps to continue to do their jobs, they require regular maintenance to help keep them working correctly.

Grease trap maintenance schedule

Before any restaurant can start operating legally, they require a certificate from the authorities indicating that their kitchen is in compliance with City Code and has an appropriate grease trap installed. This precaution ensures that your business is never the cause of overflows or backups in the sewer system. Non-compliance is not an option, and not only will you face hefty fines, but serious offenses often lead to temporary or permanent closure. As you can see, the future of your business depends a lot on keeping your grease trap in working order. To do this, regular maintenance is required, and only a professional grease trap company can only that. Here are some of the most common questions restaurant owners ask regarding grease trap interceptor pumping:

Does a small grease trap need pumping?

Absolutely. Small grease traps installed underneath the kitchen sink have small capacities of about 200 gallons, so depending on the size of your business and the amount of grease you use, you may need more frequent pumping. Usually, restaurants with a grease trap need pumping about once a month. On the positive side, a grease trap is easy to install and affordable.

What kind of maintenance does a grease interceptor need?

Grease interceptors require regular removal of grease through pumping along with regular cleaning. Since grease interceptors have larger capacities than grease traps, they need less frequent attention. Due to the complexity of the layout of grease interceptors, they also require a thorough cleaning to remove the stubborn sludge stuck to the edges. Not all companies have the required technology to accomplish this important step, but our team does, because we never cut corners. 

How frequently does a grease trap interceptor require pumping?

Larger grease interceptors located underground have larger capacities and can hold up to 4000 gallons of grease or more. In terms of the regularity of pumping required for interceptors, it is usually three times a year or less. This is because the more significant the interceptors, the slower it fills up. The only disadvantage with a grease interceptor is that the initial cost for installation can be expensive, and it takes longer to install. However, this important investment in your business will likely save you money and time in the long run.

The frequency of pumping depends on the guidelines set out by the Local City Health Department, and they will provide your business with a schedule to follow. Before this schedule is provided, however, they need to learn more about your business. For example, the size of your business, the nature of your restaurant, and the amount of greasy food cooked, are factors taken into consideration. This is why fast-food joints will require more frequent cleaning than vegan restaurants that use less oil.

No matter how frequent a grease interceptor requires cleaning, there is one rule that needs to be followed, and that is: the 25% rule.

The 25% rule

According to the 25% rule, grease traps or interceptors should never reach maximum capacity and need to be emptied once they reach 25%. This rule ensures that grease traps never reach critical levels where they risk overflowing into the sewer system. Restaurant owners need to remember this rule if they are to avoid fines from authorities. To ensure that this guideline is followed, city officials frequently inspect grease traps and monitor the maintenance log of restaurants.

To be on the safe side, always call Philadelphia Grease Trap Services when you notice your grease trap has reached the maximum allowed limit. Our crew will always make sure that all the maintenance done to your grease trap is recorded in your Maintenance Logbook, and available to you for future reference. 

Having trouble with your Philadelphia grease trap interceptor? Try our hydro-jet cleaning service now!

Regular pumping may remove the grease from your interceptor, but it does not remove the stubborn sludge stuck to its edges. Considering the complex design of a grease interceptor, sludge can accumulate and reduce the efficiency of your system. When this happens, you need thorough cleaning using hydro-jet cleaning technology.

Hydro-jet cleaning technology uses high-pressure washes to remove this stubborn sludge. This process requires unique technology that only a few companies have. Philadelphia Grease Trap Services has invested this hydro-jet system, so feel free to call us anytime. If your grease interceptor starts to malfunction, you may need thorough pumping to get it back on track.



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